Student Cultural Experiences

Wanuskewin Heritage Park offers educational and stimulating indoor and outdoor programs for students at all levels. Our programs invite students to participate in a range of activities that will challenge and inspire them as they learn about the daily life of First Nations’ people. Our programs are structured to meet provincial curriculum requirements in a variety of subjects.

Group Package Includes:

  • Orientation and History – DVD presentation on Wanuskewin (20 min.)
  • Park entry fees
  • Access to our  360 acres of scenic trails, interpretive sites, archaeological digs, fauna and flora, two galleries and daily cultural programming
  • PLUS, any two programs or module (1) listed below (indoor or outdoor)
  • Additional programs can be arranged at a cost of 60.00 per program.

* Group rates are available. A guaranteed minimum of 12 persons is required  to qualify for the Group package rates. Chaperones with groups are FREE.

Due to the high volume of tour requests in April, May and June we cannot confirm any dates until you advise us and confirm all the details of your booking.  To avoid delays please  Fax 306.931.4522 or email  your booking details to our visitor services department.

If you require food services please consider pre-ordering to avoid lengthy delays in receiving your food.

NOTE: The school special menu must be booked before your visit, and our ability to provide it is dependent on our existing committments the day of your visit.  

Mānokawēwin  (Tipi Raising)
Enjoy one of Wanuskewin’s most popular programs!  Learn how the First Nations people used to set up their homes.  Learn about the values that were associated with each part of the tipi, values that were passed down to the children as they helped set the tipi up. 

Come and try it yourself!

All Ages        Time: 45 minutes

Macīwin (Bison Hunt)
Over 200 years ago Bison roamed the prairies by the thousands and were the single most important animal to First Nations people.  Students will experience the thrill and skill that accompanied a hunt when they get to try their hand at using the atlatl, a spear thrower, and the bow and arrow.

Grades 3-8    Time: 45 minutes

Paskwā-Mostōs (Bison)
Millions of bison once roamed the central and northern Plains and First Nations people depended upon them for survival. Learn about the bison, and its place in the centre of Plains Culture, and how it was processed for food. See how every part of the animal was used to provide tools, shelter, weapons, toys and even glue.

Grade 2 and up       Time: 1 hour

Īpinihtawahkak  (Bison Jump: A Statue Interpretation)
At Wanuskewin there are two buffalo jumps that were used regularly over two hundred years ago.  This program introduces participants to the process that First Nations people used on the prairie to bring the bison over the jump.  The statues in the front of the building will be used as visual aids.

Grades 2-Adult        Time: 30 minutes

Kawi-ocihci (A Step Back in Time Walk)
Take a step back in time and walk the same trails that First Nations people walked hundreds of years ago.  Enjoy this interactive trail walk on the Path of the People with a seasoned guide and have fun learning about the history of Plains First Nations Culture and Archeology and Wanuskewin.

All Ages        Time: 45 min (shortened version)                  

1.5 hours (includes medicine wheel)

Kimaskikinawaw (Medicine Walk)
Imagine having all the medicine you need just outside your tipi door.  This trail walk introduces participants to the medicine of First Nations people.  From medication that gave relief to the common cold to bug repellant, Wanuskewin’s Opimihaw valley has it all.

All Ages        Time: 45 Min

Pahkwēsikanihkē (Bannock Bake)
Students will be amazed when they learn about the history of Bannock; its Scottish roots and its place in First Nations communities today.  Finally, students will have a chance to try their hand at cooking bannock over a fire.

Add $2.00 for materials

Grades 1-12           Time: 1  Hour

Bow Drill
Ever want to know how to start a fire with just wood, or how to drill holes without a power drill ? Then this is the program for you. Learn the principals on how to start a fire and try your hand at fire making.

Grade 3 -12  Time: 45 minutes


Mētawēwina (Traditional Games)
Traditional games provided the teachings and skill development required for survival on the Northern Plains. The traditional hunter gather lifestyle was an incredibly demanding one requiring superb levels of physical fitness. Come play and learn how Traditional Games filled an important role in educating the young by cultivating physical skills and encouraging social development.

Grades 1-12  Time: 1 hour 


First Nations Technology
When viewed through the eyes of western science it is too easy to dismiss Plains First Nations Technology as primitive or unsophisticated, however this is not the case. This 2 part program first  illustrates the different approaches between western and indigenous scientific science and how Plains peoples applied technology to solve everyday problems. Students will learn about the science behind glue, cord making, hide tanning and more. Students will try their hand using a bow drill to start a fire.

Grade 3 to adult Time 1.5 hours

Modules are designed to provide more in depth information, take longer to complete, and count as two programs.

Archaeology Module
How can the artifacts people have left behind tell us about the past? How do archaeologists collect artifacts?  Wanuskewin invites visitors to experience the culture and science involved while working a simulated archaeological dig. Learn about First Nations concerns and issues concerning archeology and the collection and storage of artifacts.

Grade 3-Adult         Time : 2 ½ hours    Available from May to-October 15


Exploring Opimihaw Creek Module
Water has always played an important role in First Nations culture, and is considered one of the Four Elements of life. The Opimihaw Creek is a wonderful model to illustrate this and as we explore we will learn how the Creek created an environment that for Plains First Nations peoples to gather and live, and support a rich variety of life.

Grade 2-9     Time: 2 ½ hours                  Available from April-October 15


Asiskīwiyīkanihkē (Pottery)
This program is designed illustrate the history of pottery, and their creation and use by the Northern Plains peoples. Participants will learn how they were made, why they were made the way they were, and how they were used. The information will be presented informally while the students are making their pots.

Grade 2-12   Time: 1 hour           Additional Materials Charge 3.00

Pawamitasoh (Dream Catcher)
Experience one of the Gifts given to the Ojibway Tribe, adopted by many nations around the world. Learn the purpose  and legend of the Dream Catcher while learning how to fashion it’s intriguing design. Take your very own design home as a gift for yourself or someone close to you.

Grade 3-Adult         Time:  1 hour           Additional Materials Charge $3.50    

Mikiwap Pimahacīsowin (The Centre of Life Tipi)
A home the centre of all life. Create an ornamental Tipi of willow and canvas, while learning the way of the Plains First Nations peoples home. Discover the Tipi’s history and its importance, how it was made and transported, and the contributions men and women made to create a healthy happy home.

Grade 2-12   Time: 1 hour           Additional Materials Charge $2.50

If there is something specific you are interested in but not listed above please call us as we have the ability to customize and create programs/services to meet your specific needs and interests.

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